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When you buy our jars, you can be rest assured that you are receiving the finest quality ingredients, made by hand, by two partners who truly love food. Your buying into a family. 

With every new product we create we seek to not only tantalize you’re taste buds with an abundance of flavor, but bring something new and exciting to the dinner table. 

Introducing Corn Fiesta

Welcome to our Mexican inspired fiesta in a jar!
Lightly charred sweet corn kernels, sliced red onion and jalapeños are brought together with fresh lime, coriander and cumin for a fiesta in your mouth.
After the initial sweetness of the corn, the jalapeños bring a gentle warmth to the pallet, followed by the refreshing lime and coriander which lingers on after each mouthful.
This pickle is crunchy, sweet but pleasantly refreshing with the addition of lime, coriander and red onion. It’s a tastebud awakening your sure to enjoy!

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